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This is a redesign of Ron's site. I've completely redesigned his branding since I first designed a site for him (less than 6 months ago) and so a new (white) site was in order. Ron's a large format photographer, continuing a tradition that is reserved for all but the most elite of photographers.

Working with Ron has taught me a lot about what's possible in the world of traditional photographic imaging. His film frames are only slightly smaller than a 4x6 and his framed prints weigh more than a small man. Ron takes photography to new heights, as the saying goes.

Client Testimonial :
"As a professional artist I am committed to producing only the finest quality of work. After years of working with different graphic artists I was fortunate enough to meet Ben Friday. Ben's extensive experience in print and web design and other diverse skills and abilities were instrumental in the development of my company Red Maple Publishing and my best selling Canadian scenic wall calendar. I look very forward to collaborating with him on future projects."
Ron Smid
Red Maple Publishing
Nanaimo, BC
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