About Friday Photo Design

Friday Photo & Design is a professional design house run by Ben Friday, the principal designer, photographer and fabricator. Although most projects are tackled solely by Mr. Friday, other creative professionals (programmers, writers, videographers) are brought onboard when the project requires.

The core of our business : Web Design

"We had a vague idea of what we wanted to create, but as the site grew, we realized we needed to be flexible and let Ben guide us."

       Kelsey Crozier, Switchback Longboards

Ben Friday's professional experience with the web dates back to 1995. He's long since lost track of the number of sites he's had a hand in, but estimates they number in the 400+ range. This business is his latest freelance enterprise. Since it's inception in 2006, 40 complete website projects have been started and finished. Currently, there's another five in the works.

Other services : Graphic Design, Photography and Industrial Design

Many clients we work with for websites also use our services for their branding and graphic design needs. We can help you with your business card, brochures, letterhead or any product that may require graphic design (calendars, packaging, music projects).

In addition to just sitting around and designing things, Mr. Friday is also an experienced portrait, interior design and product photographer. Dozens of his web creations feature imagery captured by his Nikon, with help from a variety of lighting equipment. XylemSci, a hobbyist site maintained by Ben Friday, is a collection of hundreds of his own photos.

Lastly, our extensive metalwork machinery make short work of any creative project requiring a more permanent media. Grinders, welders, a lathe and a CNC mill sit atop the workbenches at our off-site fabrication shop.

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